Japanese Akitainu Puppies


Puppies Expected September, 2023. Please contact us by email for more information.
















Here you will find our planned mating’s along with available puppies. We strive to only breed when we feel the pairing will positively contribute to the breed as a whole. All of our breeding’s are carefully planned with our focus on the overall health, construction and temperament of all of our Japanese Akitainu.

Please contact us for any enquiries and we will be glad to help. We are actively involved in the Japanese Akitainu community both in North America and worldwide so we will be happy to recommend reputable breeders if Yakumo Sou have no puppies available at the time of your enquiry.

Please exercise caution while researching for a potential puppy to join your family. Recent USA (AKC) breed recognition has seen a considerable surge in popularity which has led to irresponsible and uneducated breeders who do not prioritize health, temperament and breed type. Ask for OFA health certificates and always meet the parents of your puppy. Do not expect to get a puppy immediately and respect the breeders who have waiting lists. They have them for a reason. We are here to help and part of that is us protecting and preserving this breed by ensuring newcomers get in contact with reputable breeders.